Pure and filtered water ice cubes

Our ice cubes are products of the highest quality, fully guaranteed by Procubitos, one of the leading companies in the world in the food ice industry and main supplier of several national & international food chains and wholesales.

Pure Kazan Water

Our ice cubes are made using pure water from the famous municipality of Kazan, near Ankara, a new geothermal area in Turkey

Food safety

Procubitos is the unique ice producer in Turkey certified to the International Food Standard (IFS), a worldwide recognized standard that ensures the quality and food safety of processes and products.

Quality commitment

We are committed to the highest quality of our products, and our systems are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000

Our network

Procubitos treasures almost 30 years of experience in the business of production and commercialization of food ice, and has the greatest capacity of food ice production in the European market, with 750,000 kg of ice cubes produced per day.
Our company has developed several companies within the group to support business growth, with factories in Spain (Madrid, Cadiz, Gijón and Valencia), Germany (Frankfurt), Italy (Verona) and Turkey (Ankara).

Fully automated production

Our manufacturing process complies with demanding quality and food security standards (IFS Food), which provides ice with a better quality and a full cleaning.

All of our production chains at our ice factories are automated, from the bags being filled and closed, through its packing in cartons and its subsequent arrangement in pallets. Thus, we avoid human handling that could imply a lack of health and hygiene awareness.

Procubitos Turkey Logistics


We have one factory, in Ankara, and several storage platforms strategically located, which allows us to expand our activity zone and get closer to our customers across Turkey.

On the other hand, we rely on the professionalism of several companies in the logistic refrigeration industry from the country, which allows us to store our products in strategic areas, efficiently responding to the most urgent orders.

Gourmet Ice Cubes

Gourmet Ice Cubes

We have a range of products designed for all types of customers. Thanks to our advanced ice systems, our ice cubes don’t break or stick together, and will take much longer to melt than others.

Our crystal ice cubes weigh 35g/40g per cube and we provide them in several formats, 1Kg bag and 2Kg bag, for retail and hospitality industries.




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Customer Service

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